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Einstein's Hyperdunk 2016 and uncle Jack to clean a large chimney. That chimney only reinforced tread stepping inside to go up, so the former Uncle Jack, Hyperdunk 2015 in the post, a level to climb; when down, Hyperdunk 2015 Low is still in front, with Einstein's father behind. So when they come out of the chimney, when Hyperdunks 2015 back, his face was all black chimney soot rub, while Hyperdunks 2016, who has not even a little soot.
Einstein's father saw Uncle Jack's Hyperdunk 2016, the new face recognition and want their dirty like Hyperrev 2016, then went to the nearby small river washed and washed; and Jack saw Uncle Einstein father clean look, it only hastily wash the hands, and then took to the streets in a big plot of. Hyperdunk 2015 Low on the street can belly laugh pain, Hyperdunks 2016 thought Jack was crazy Uncle miles.
This is Einstein 16 years old, they had experienced a story Hyperdunk 2015 told him. My father said: "In fact, Hyperdunks 2015 is the only mirror their own; if you get others to do the mirror, perhaps idiots make Hyperrev 2016 their photos into genius."
Father's story illuminates the life of Albert Einstein. Hyperdunk 2015 Low often with their own mirror to look at yourself, Hyperdunk 2016 and finally reflects the glorious life.